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16 Magazine – Janvier 1965 – 68 Pages
Beatles, Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Animals
Pretty Things, Dave Clark Five, Peter McEnery…

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16 Magazine – January 1965 (68 Pages)
Beatles, Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Animals
Pretty Things, Dave Clark Five, Peter McEnery…

« 16 Magazine » Janvier 1965 – 68 Pages
Complet et En Excellente condition ! ! !


Special Beatles – 24 pages …

Secret Wild Pix –  5 pages with 13 photos from 1961-62,
mainly leather clad Beatles and letter Paul wrote from Germany  in 1961

This is Beatlemania: 9 great photos and what Beatlemania is – 2 pages

That Loveable Ringo: 3 pages with 4 pix of Ringo with parents,
and Maureen early photo, Gerry McGovern who was engaged to Ringo!

Jane Asher Interview – 2 pages with 3 photos. An Open Letter to Pattie Boyd
with a wonderful full length photo – Full page Poster Offer

John & DH Tom Donahue with news. Brain Epstein and news

Beatles in Kansas City, John with DJ Randy plus news

Beatles with The Chants and Lord & Lady Mayor of Liverpool and news

George Martin & news, John & Cynthia with news, Ringo with Maggie London

Beatles Portable Record Player Contest – I wish I had that item! Full page ad

Beatles Personal Letters: Answered by the boys! – 2 pages one photo

Beatles Official Fan Club News – Lynn Hargrave gives the latest – with 4 pix

Pleines page de…

2 Page middle centerfold: Peter McEnery

This Months Honary President of the Fab 16 Club: Dionne Warwick

Connie Francis: Got a Problem? She answers!

The Animals: full color pin up

Shelley Fabares & Elvis Presley: 2 pages 4 pix

Luke Haplin

Timmy Rooney

Whats Cooking With Johnny Crawford

The New Miss 16 of America: Lynell Bass – 2 pages

The Rolling Stones: Fight back! – 5 pix with Brian Jones – 2 pages

Motown & Marvin Gaye – with 2 pix

I Grew Up With Patty Duke – 2 pages with 4 childhood pix

PJ Proby – article with 2 pix

Dusty Springfield Tells Lesley Gore
« All About Mods & Rockers » – 2 pages, 2 big photos

Dave Clark Five full color pin up

Honeycombs back cover

Plus articles & photos de:

The Pretty Things


Manfred Mann

Zombies – 2 pix

The Takers

Cilla Black


Yardbirds with Eric Clapton

The Fourmost

Lulu & The Luvvers

Simon scott




Bachelors – 2 pix

Debbie watson

The Voomins

Hermins Hermits

Tommy Quickly


John Gabriel

Dave Box

Mike Anderson

Dennis Cole


Chris Noell

Johnny Rivers

Connie Stevens

Jan & Dean holding a 16 mag

The Animals

The Beach Boys with Ed Sullivan

John Coltrane

Gene Pitney

The Mersey Beats

Peter & Gordon – 2 articles with pix

Pat Di Noto

Casey Kasem

Cliff Richard

Don True

Terry Black

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